The Sasquatch Music Festival 2011


Sasquatch! Music Festival is an annual music festival held at the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington. In recent years, it has taken place on the Memorial Day weekend, running for three to four days. In 2014, Adam Zacks decided to expand the festival to two weekends due to the high demand for tickets in 2013. Rather than expanding to two four-day weekends, the festival instead only expanded to two- to three-day weekends.

Sasquatch! typically features a range of musical genres, with the emphasis being on indie rock bands and singer-songwriters, but also including alternative rock, hip hop, EDM, and comedy acts. As of 2012 the festival features five stages: Sasquatch! Main Stage, Bigfoot Stage, Banana Shack (a tent that features primarily comedy acts and electronic music- now known as El Chupacabra), Yeti Stage, and Uranus Stage (the smallest of stages, that generally changes names every year).

Most attendees of the festival camp in designated campsite fields nearby, as the venue is relatively remote and there are no large urban areas nearby

Location: George, Washington

Dates: May 27th- May 30th 2011

Years Active  2002 – Present

Genres- Indie Rock, Experimental Rock, Electronica, Alternative Rock, Hip- Hop


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