Fantasia Fair 2016


Fantasia Fair,Fantasia TV Fair“,” or FanFair[1] is a major  eight to ten-day-long  conference for transgender people and cross-dressers, held every October in Provincetown, Massachusetts, a small Portuguese fishing village and largely gay and lesbian tourist village on the very tip of Cape Cod. This annual event is significant because it is the longest-running transgender conference and because it allows transgender people space to experiment with gender-role presentations in a safe and affirming community. The goal of the conference is to create a place in which transgender and transexual people are accepted without judgement, and to create a “time when [participants] just relax and wear [their] beautiful clothes and enjoy being [their] femme [selves]” In November, 1980 the event was featured in an article by D. Keith Mano in Playboy magazine.

At its inception in 1975, Fantasia Fair was ten days long and considered an event for heterosexual cross-dressers. Most of the programs focused on personal presentation, and the registration fee, which included housing, was quite expensive. By the 1990s, however, the nature of the attendees was more diverse, including trans men and trans women, cross-dressers, and genderqueer people of every sexual orientation.

The number of attendees is small compared to other transgender conferences, which, in combination with the informal and friendly nature of Provincetown, gives Fantasia Fair an intimate air which is much-valued by attendees.


Location: Provincetown, Massachusetts

Dates:  October 16th- October 23rd 2016

Years Active 1975- Present

Genres- Community Cooperation



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